Godaddy Forward Only Vs Forward With Masking

GoDaddy Forward Only vs. Forward with Masking are two forwarding options offered by GoDaddy that allow you to redirect email from one address to another. Forward Only redirects email from your original address to the new address without the recipient knowing the original address, while Forward with Masking will display the original address as the sender. Both options are convenient for maintaining privacy, however, Forward with Masking may be preferred in certain situations since the original address is still visible.

Overview of Godaddy Forwarding

GoDaddy Forwarding is an innovative way to direct visitors to their website. It allows website owners to create a single URL, and then forward the visitor to any other page or website, without the need of changing the URL. This makes it easier for visitors to find your website and allows website owners to easily manage their website’s content. GoDaddy Forwarding also allows website owners to track the analytics of how visitors are reaching their website, as well as how they are interacting with the content. This is a great way to get a better understanding of the effectiveness of your website and make necessary adjustments to ensure that you reach your desired audience.

Benefits of Forward Only

Forward only is a concept that can provide businesses with a number of advantages. It allows organizations to focus on the future and to plan ahead, rather than getting bogged down in the past. It can also help to ensure that the company remains competitive in the ever-changing marketplace, as it allows them to quickly adapt to changing conditions and to make decisions quickly and efficiently. Additionally, it can help to reduce costs by eliminating the need for long-term planning and forecasting. Finally, it encourages innovation and creativity, as employees and executives are encouraged to focus on the future and to look for new ways to improve the business. In short, forward only is an effective strategy for ensuring a company’s success in the ever-changing, modern world.

Benefits of Forward With Masking

Masking is a great way to stay safe during the pandemic. It provides a physical barrier between you and any potential virus particles that may be in the air. It can also help minimize the spread of droplets from talking, sneezing, and coughing. Forward With Masking is an initiative that encourages everyone to wear a mask when out in public, to help protect both themselves and others. There are numerous benefits to this, such as reduced risk of infection, improved air quality, and increased social responsibility. Wearing a mask also encourages us to take ownership of our own safety and the safety of our community. In addition, masks can be stylish and fun, allowing us to express ourselves while still staying safe. By using Forward With Masking, we can all work together to make sure everyone is safe and healthy.

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Comparison of Forward Only and Forward With Masking

This comparison examines the two main types of data masking: Forward-Only Masking and Forward Masking. Forward-Only Masking obscures data by replacing it with randomized characters of the same length. On the other hand, Forward Masking is a more advanced technique. It preserves the original format of the data while obscuring sensitive information. It does this by replacing the sensitive data with masked values instead of random characters, enabling the data to remain in its original form while still being secure. Both techniques offer an effective way to protect your data, and which one should be used will depend on the type of data being handled and the level of security desired.

Considerations When Choosing Between Forward Only and Forward With Masking

When making the decision between a forward only or a forward with masking email service, there are a few key considerations to take into account. Forward-only email services will send emails directly to the recipient, without any masking. On the other hand, forwarding with masking will enable emails to be sent using a secure masked address, which prevents the recipient from seeing the true sender’s address. Therefore, when choosing between the two, it is important to consider the level of privacy and security desired. Additionally, forward with masking also allows for the tracking of emails, which can be beneficial for businesses when tracking customer engagement. Therefore, when choosing between a forward-only or forward-with-masking email service, it is important to consider the desired level of security and tracking needs.

FAQs About the Godaddy Forward Only Vs Forward With Masking

Q1: What is the difference between Godaddy Forward Only and Forward With Masking?

A1: Godaddy Forward Only will forward emails from one email address to another without changing the original sender address. Forward With Masking will replace the original sender address with the forwarding address, hiding the original sender address.

Q2: Is Forward With Masking more secure than Forward Only?

A2: Yes, Forward With Masking provides more privacy and security for emails by replacing the original sender address with the forwarding address.

Q3: Can I set up multiple forwarding addresses with Forward With Masking?

A3: Yes, with Forward With Masking you can set up multiple forwarding addresses and each email will be sent to the appropriate address.


Overall, Godaddy’s Forward Only and Forward With Masking services provide great options for domain owners who need to forward their domains to other web addresses. The Forward Only service is the most basic option, allowing users to forward their domain to another web address without any masking. The Forward With Masking service provides more customization options, allowing users to add a masking layer to the domain that hides the destination URL from the user. Both services offer a reliable, cost-effective option for those who need to forward their domain.

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